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Preschool FAQs

Preschool Asked Questions

What does "Spanish Immersion" mean?

In a Spanish immersion environment, children are surrounded by the Spanish language during the school day, enabling them to learn the language through the natural interactions of school activities and social connections. In an immersion environment, conversation is key!!

My child does not know any Spanish - won't he be confused?

This is a common question! Our program is designed for English speaking children. However, we welcome and encourage children who already use the Spanish language in their homes to be a part of our school!

Our teachers are native Spanish speakers from around the world who also speak English. We start the school year speaking both English and Spanish so that the children understand the rules and expectations and get to know their teachers. After this period, a smooth transition to Spanish-only will be easy and fun for them.

To help children feel comfortable and confident, our teachers "act out" what they are saying and use visual materials as cues. The kids love this and love to join in. In the transition stage, if a teacher doubts that a child understands something, she will briefly explain in English and then continue in Spanish, to be sure that no child is "lost" or "confused." You will be surprised at how quickly they understand! We are here to encourage the love of the Spanish language and will ensure that our students feel comfortable and secure in our school environment.

What is your curriculum?

Our proprietary curriculum was developed by a team of Texas-certified educators, and uses a hands-on approach to learning. Lesson plans focus on developing literacy skills, pre-math and science skills, gross motor coordination, creativity and expression, socialization skills, and more! We also incorporate the Handwriting Without Tears® program into our curriculum to develop fine motor skills and proper handwriting techniques.

Weekly and monthly themes help children explore the world around them - all in Spanish! Cultural concepts and activities are woven into the curriculum, and traditional Latin music and dance play an important role in the learning process.

How can I help my child at home if I only speak English?

Each month you will receive a calendar with various themes and key vocabulary. We encourage you to ask your child for more information about themes, in English or Spanish! They will often be happy to teach you, especially the songs they have been singing. Reading English books on related topics is another way to share in their learning. We also have music CDs that children can take home with our mascot, Periquito Azul. Additionally, most public libraries have Spanish books with CDs for you and your child to learn together. Encourage your child to use his/her new language when eating out, at the store or when making new friends who are Spanish speakers.

How long will it take my child to begin speaking Spanish?

All children develop and learn at different rates. In general, the pattern is similar to how the child learned his first language. During the first year, the child builds a base of vocabulary, learns the patterns of the language, and understands 80-100% of the spoken language. He may begin using single words and short phrases, and will likely sing the songs he has learned in school. During the second year, children add vocabulary and begin to use the language naturally, responding and participating in class in Spanish. After two to three years of exposure, they typically begin to think in Spanish without translation, communicate their thoughts, and carry on conversations in Spanish with a native accent.

Will my child be prepared for Kindergarten/Elementary school if all she/he hears in preschool is Spanish?

Yes! As much as we believe in the importance of Spanish language acquisition, we realize that many of our students' elementary schools will be English-based. To ensure their success, we have built into the preschool curriculum a daily "English class" for three and four year olds, in order to experience and learn English letters and sounds, develop pre-reading skills and enjoy the many wonderful books and stories the English language has to offer.

Surveys of our students who have graduated to elementary schools show that they are both academically and socially prepared for kindergarten or first grade. If your child is able to attend a dual-language elementary school, he or she will be prepared in both languages!

Won't my child lose Spanish language skills after leaving Spanish Schoolhouse?

We encourage our families to keep the language learning alive! Spanish Schoolhouse offers a bilingual Kindergarten program, as well as After School Spanish classes and Summer Camps. Dual-language programs in public schools are gaining in popularity, and many of our families take advantage of these programs.

Other opportunities for learning include Spanish story times and activities at local libraries, Spanish television programming, and a wide variety of websites and apps. See our Resources page for more ideas.

What ages do you accept?

Our Preschool program is designed for children aged 2-4 years (as of Sept. 1). We are licensed to provide care for ages 18 months and up, however, and some locations may be able to accommodate children aged 18-24 months. Please contact the location you are interested in for further details.

What are your ratios?

Spanish Schoolhouse ratios are lower than the state standards, as well as many other area preschools.

Our ratios are:
Two year old class: 6:1
Three year old class: 8:1
Four year old class: 10:1

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Our Mascot:
Spanish Schoolhouse PeriquitoPeriquito Azul is the feathered, friendly, and beloved mascot of Spanish Schoolhouse. The beautiful blue hyacinth macaw brings both fun and an extra touch of South America to our school. Periquito Azul helps us celebrate seasons, events, and learning throughout the school year!

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