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After School FAQs

After School Frequently Asked Questions

My child has not had any previous Spanish. Can he/she attend this class?

Yes! Our after-school program is an active, hands-on learning environment, where all students can join in the fun, regardless of their level of Spanish. To help students understand what they are saying without translating, our teachers dramatize and "act out" what they are saying, and use visual materials as cues.

SSH graduates and other experienced Spanish speakers will enjoy conversation and activities in Spanish, as they maintain and build their language skills.

How is the class taught?

Students have the option of attending classes once or twice per week. Each week has a theme. The two classes will have different activities based on the same theme, so if a student attends both days, he/she will have extra reinforcement and practice without direct repetition.

Class activities include reading books and acting out plays, cooking lessons, science experiments, games, songs, and more. A smaller, but important, portion of the class is based on reading and writing workbook exercises.

Do you allow make-up classes for missed days?

If a student attends one day per week, the option to attend a make-up class on the alternate day is possible, provided there is space in the class. If the student attends two days per week, unfortunately, there is no way to make up missed classes.

How can I help reinforce what my child learns in class?

We are fortunate to live in a state where there are many opportunities for exposure to the Spanish language. Look for Spanish story times and activities at local libraries, try children's programming on Spanish television networks, attend cultural events in the community, or explore the wide variety of Spanish learning websites and apps. See our Resources page for more ideas.

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Spanish Schoolhouse PeriquitoPeriquito Azul is the feathered, friendly, and beloved mascot of Spanish Schoolhouse. The beautiful blue hyacinth macaw brings both fun and an extra touch of South America to our school. Periquito Azul helps us celebrate seasons, events, and learning throughout the school year!

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