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Georgina Garratt
Owner/Director, Creekside/Tomball Campus

Georgina is originally from Venezuela and came to the United States as a teenager. She earned her bachelor's degree in business administration and international business from Florida Atlantic University. Georgina worked in the financial industry for over 20 years.

As a parent, Georgina personally first encountered the Spanish Schoolhouse immersion program when her daughter was enrolled in the Frisco preschool. She appreciated the value of the language immersion teaching style and fell in love with the school's warmth and culture. After her family moved to the Houston area, Georgina wanted to bring the Spanish immersion format to The Woodlands and opened her first preschool location. Ten years later, building on her success with The Woodlands location and increasing demand, she opened her second SSH location in Creekside/Tomball.

Georgina is passionate about the Spanish Schoolhouse philosophy and the immersion concept. She has seen first-hand how children benefit from a second language. Studies show that bilingualism not only helps in a child's literacy development, but also in building problem-solving skills and other areas of cognition.

Georgina knows the importance of creating an atmosphere of love, respect and individualism for the children. She wants the children and families to know that they are in a loving and safe environment and that they are all part of the SSH family!

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